MindLight is the latest installation created by Fantail Studios to be installed at the Six-Pack structure at Silo Park on the 8-10th of November, 2013. Incorporating elements of Projection Mapping, Graphic Design, Animation, Sound Design, Fabrication, MindLight is based on research and influences from our Brainstorm project in Semester one of 2013. The intention of this installation was to produce an immersive installation, with the aim of being fully harmonious with the space. 

Mind Light will be installed in one of the Silo's at Silo Park. Projected around the interior of the silo, visuals illustrating the four main lobes of the brain will be projected. In the centre of this silo there will be a structure to interface with the installation. When different parts of the structure are touched, the visuals will change accordingly.

My contribution to this project were the creation of the visual elements for the work, creating the Occipital, Parietal and Frontal lobes, with consultation and resources from the rest of the group, particularly Ryan and Lee . We used After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema 4D for the creation of the visuals. Jared was the creator of the sound scores and sound effects, while Chris designed and fabricated the physical input device.

The visuals are inspired, by functions of different areas of the brain., consisting of the Frontal, Parietal, Occipital and Temporal Lobes as seen below.